Types of Giving

Stock Transfers

Stock Transfer Information                                                          
We are very grateful for your transfer of stock to Forest Ridge School. To facilitate the most accurate transfer, please notify us before you initiate a stock transfer so we can identify your gift when it is received and acknowledge it in a timely manner. 
Required Stock Transfer Information
In addition to your broker, please forward this information to the Office of Institutional Advancement at sbrown@forestridge.org or 425.201.2410.
1) Name of Donor
2) Name of Stock
3) Number of Shares
4) Specify Fund to which you are donating (see list below)

Forest Ridge Fund Options:
Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (Annual Fund)
DTC# 0005
A/C# 027-283373

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (Capital Campaign)
DTC# 0005
A/C# 027-271105

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (Endowment)
DTC# 0005
A/C# 027-283043
Broker Information
Donald Lavi / Tania Kapoor                              
Phone:  310.407.5832
Fax:  310.407.5812   
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
2121 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2600
Los Angeles, CA  90067
Donations of appreciated securities, usually common stock, provide a tax-efficient way of making your gift.  Gifts of appreciated securities held for more than one year entitle you to a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities on the date of the gift.  Additionally, you avoid the capital gains tax that would otherwise be due on the appreciation if the security were sold.
One caution:  Depreciated securities (securities worth less than you paid for them) should not be given directly to Forest Ridge School.  Instead, you should sell the securities to generate a tax-deductible capital loss (which can offset your capital gains up to $3,000 or ordinary income) and give the sale proceeds to Forest Ridge.
Your gift, whether cash or appreciated securities will be greatly appreciated.

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