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What's the buzz at Forest Ridge? Bees!

A Forest Ridge Woman Gets Hungry

And when she does, she wants Rainbow Cake. Or Caesar Salad Pitas. Or Boca Burgers. These delicious items and much more (can you say ‘roasted tomato soup and paninis’?) await students, faculty, staff and visitors at the FRidge, which is how the Food Service department is very fondly known.

Yet the FRidge is on a mission to nourish our community with more than just lunch.

Rather than fostering an obsession over calorie breakdowns or the condemnation of some foods and promotion of others, the FRidge seeks to educate to a deeper understanding of the importance of balance and variety in order to promote health. By exposing students to the diversity and abundance of nature, we hope to inspire commitment to a lifestyle based on the consumption of unprocessed, fresh, whole foods from a variety of sources, as the most powerful way to maintain a healthy relationship with our food, our bodies and the earth.

Please be our guest for lunch one day. In the meantime, we’d like to share more about the healthy and spiritually nourishing food service experience at Forest Ridge. Click on the links on this page.

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'My Lunch Money' is now 'My Schoolbucks'

"I am proud to see Forest Ridge, under the expert direction of our executive chef—Ron Askew—and his talented team, make great strides in providing not only local, organic, nutritious options for our community, but also for engaging the community in educational initiatives to sustain these healthy habits for life."
- Mark Pierotti, Head of School
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