Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart was one of the first schools in the United States to participate in the "Anytime, Anywhere Learning" program through a partnership with Microsoft and Toshiba. Implementation of these learning tools provides students and faculty with instant and continuous access to previously unimaginable resources to enrich learning, deepen problem-solving skills and connect users with the larger global community.

Ordering Laptop Supplies

Order laptop supplies from the Help Desk; fast service
Cash or Check only/ No Credit Cards. Make checks payable to: Forest Ridge School

Help Desk Price*       
Stylus pen – Yoga 1,12
Stylus pen (regular) – Yoga 260, 370
Stylus pen (big) – Yoga 260, 370
AC Adapter –Yoga 1, 12, 260, 370
*Prices include tax and shipping charges*

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Tech Tips

Install new printers by clicking on this link: \\FRS-VIR04

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