Summer Experience 2018

Create, collaborate, explore new skills, and make friends at Forest Ridge Summer Experience! The one-week camps for boys and girls entering 2nd through 8th grades offer students engaging, hands-on learning experiences to discover new passions while having fun. Whether you’re looking for a half-day arts and crafts or a full day of science, there is something for everyone!

The Summer Experience 2019 Schedule will be announced in January 2019.

General Information

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  • Registration

    Summer Program registration is handled online through our Ultra Camp online registration system. First time users of the system will need to create an account, using an email address and password. Once the account is created, families can continue to use this login for future use to register for camps, add parent and/or guardian information, or pay off camp balances.

    The non-refundable registration fee is $75 for a half day of classes and $150 for a full day of classes.
  • Sessions & Daily Schedule

    The Summer Experience 2019 session dates will be announced in January 2019.
    The daily schedule allows students to register for one morning and/or one afternoon class or a full-day summer experience class:

    Morning Drop-Off 
    8:00-8:30 a.m.     
    Morning Class8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    Supervised Break10:00-10:30 a.m.
    Morning Student Pick-Up        12:00-12:15 p.m.
    Supervised Lunch (All-Day Students)12:00-12:30 p.m.
    Afternoon Drop-Off12:15-12:30 p.m.
    Afternoon Class12:30-4:00 p.m.
    Supervised Break2:00-2:30 p.m.
    Afternoon/All-Day Student Pick-Up4:00-4:15 p.m.
  • Class Tuition

    Half-day classes are $250 and full day classes are $375. There is some financial aid available for families who qualify. There is a $75 non-refundable deposit for each half-day of classes, $150 for a full day of classes.
  • Waitlist

    If any of the Forest Ridge Summer Program sessions or classes are full, families can request to add their child to the waitlist during registration. If space becomes available, we will contact families directly by phone and email. Families will have 48 hours to respond and let us know if they want to enroll their child into the session or class. If we do not hear from you during that timeframe, we will contact the family with the next child on the waitlist.
  • Refund Policy

    Families can withdraw their child from a program at any time. Families that withdraw their children from a program before June 1 will receive a full refund minus the nonrefundable registration fee of ($75.00 for half-day classes/$100.00 for full-day classes). Cancellations made after this date, but before the first day of a registered session, will receive a 50% refund minus the nonrefundable registration fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations after the first day of a registered summer session. 
  • Class Cancellations

    Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart reserves the right to cancel classes due to a lack of registration or previous unforeseen circumstances. In this event, we will notify families no later than two weeks in advance of the session start date. Families will receive a full refund for any cancelled classes. 
  • Arrival & Departure Information

    On the first day of each session, all students will check-in at the Forest Ridge Commons.  Signage directing families to the Commons will be posted in each parking lot and across campus.
    Throughout each session, morning or all-day campers who arrive between 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. will sign-in at the Commons. Students enrolled in only morning classes should be picked up at the designated point between 12:00 – 12:15 p.m. 
    The drop-off window for students enrolled in afternoon classes only is 12:15 – 12:30 p.m. Students enrolled in all-day or afternoon classes should be picked at the designated spot between 4:00 – 4:15 p.m.
    Families must pick up their student(s) during the time noted. Families that pick up their children late will be charged a $25 late fee per fifteen minute window, rounded up to the quarter hour. Families that are chronically late to pick up their children may be asked to withdraw from the Summer Program prior to the end of the session.  
  • Pick-Up Authorization

    Summer Program staff will only release children to the adults listed on their registration form. Please log-in to your UltraCamp account and list all possible adults (relatives, nanny, older sibling, carpool adult, friend, etc.) who are authorized to pick-up your child.  To authorize a one-time, same-day pick up request for your child, please email the Summer Program Director
  • Snacks and Lunch

    Forest Ridge does not provide food service during the Middle and Elementary Summer Program. Students should provide their own snacks and lunches.  Refrigerators and microwaves are available for use. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle each day. All lunch bags and water bottles should be clearly marked with the student’s name.
  • Absences

    If your child will be absent from classes during a Summer Program session, please call the Front Desk at 425-641-0700. If you call after hours, please give your child’s full name and the classes s/he will be absent from that day. Parents can also email information regarding absences to the Summer Program Director. There are no refunds for days or weeks that students cannot attend summer session classes.
  • Belongings & Electronics

    Students should arrive each day with a backpack containing all of the needed items for throughout each session (sunscreen, a hat, snacks, lunch, a water bottle, materials for classes, etc.). Please clearly label your child’s things. 
    Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart is an outdoor campus. Students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes that support running, playing and moving across campus. Clothing that can be layered during changing weather conditions is strongly suggested.
    Cell phone use by students is not permitted during Summer Program sessions. If your child brings a cell phone or other electronic devices, those should be turned off and safely put away throughout the day. 
    Parents who need to contact their child during the day, may call the Front Desk at 425-641-0700 to leave a message that will be delivered to the student.  
  • Behavioral Expectations

    Students and families participating in Summer Programs operate under the mission, vision and core values of Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.  Policies and procedures governing Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart apply to students and families attending Summer Programs. Te Forest Ridge Middle School Student-Parent Handbook can be found here.
    Students at Forest Ridge are expected to be respectful of others and the learning environment. Guidelines are established to help provide everyone in the learning community with a positive experience.
    • Responding to and treating one another with courtesy
    • Helping one another
    • Greeting and being courteous and helpful to any guest
    • Taking care of school property
    • Being respectful to the condition and use of common space
    • Cleaning up after him/herself where ever s/he is on campus
    • Showing respect for speakers by listening attentively
    • Affirming the successes and gifts of others at all times and with appropriate responses
    • Being grateful to each member of the school community and expressing gratitude whenever possible
    Respect and consideration for each member of the summer program community is essential for the well-being of everyone. A student who is disrespectful towards a teacher, a staff member, another student, or anyone on campus will be held accountable for her/his lack of courtesy.
    When a student has difficulty following the behavior guidelines and expectations, classroom teachers will redirect the student and when necessary will use best practices of classroom management to hold a student accountable for a lack of respect and courtesy.  As needed, a teacher will communicate with a parent regarding student behavior that falls outside expectations.
  • Behavior Violations

    Behavioral Violations are given for more severe behaviors. A behavior violation signifies that a student has engaged in behavior that is inappropriate and not in keeping with the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools.
    The following are some examples of behavioral choices that are considered “behavioral violations”:
    • Harassment/Bullying  of another student or group of students
    • Swearing
    • Vandalism
    • Stealing
    • Cheating
    • Disrespectful or Disruptive language or behavior
    • Unacceptable physical contact
    • Inappropriate technology use (See Forest Ridge Acceptable Use Policy here)
    • Use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco
    • Possession of weapons of any kind
    • Inappropriate videotaping on campus
    • Posting school generated photos or videos to internet sites without permission
    In the unlikely event that a student attending Summer Programs made a behavior choice considered a Behavior Violation, the Summer Programs Director will communicate the needed and appropriate consequence to the student and his/her family.  Severe and repeated behavior violations can result in a student’s removal from all Summer Programs.

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