Outdoor Education

Our Mission

Educate our students to love and respect nature and promote advocacy for and stewardship of the Earth, while developing leadership skills, problem solving capabilities, and resilience.
OE Experiences:
  • Evening Hikes in the Autumn & Spring
  • Rock Climbing
  • Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Snowshoe & Snow Camping Trip
  • Backpacking & Camping
  • Classroom OE Experiences
  • Outdoor Skill Building & Development
A Forest Ridge Woman is a Risk-Taker

Outdoor Education at Forest Ridge offers a safe environment in which our students can take healthy risks. Through OE, Forest Ridge students learn that nature is not separate from us…it actually feeds us. It’s a huge part of the human soul.

OE experiences allow young women to develop and grow, enabling a sense of getting to know oneself better.

OE adventures show students that they can do anything, that everyone is capable of pushing themselves beyond certain limits, scaling new heights, and achieving new triumphs.

OE experiences help build skills and competence in a way that classroom work and cities cannot do.

OE experiences include: 
  • Multi-day rock climbing trips
  • A week-long canoe trip on Ross Lake
  • Canyoneering in Moab, Utah 
  • Snowshoeing and winter camping
  • Getting dirty! 
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Arches National Park, Utah

Snowshoe Hut Trip

For Parents

Encourage your daughter to do something different with one of her weekends! Trips are open to all HS students – no experience necessary.
Scholarship funds are available to cover costs if it is not in the family budget; please don’t let cost be an obstacle. These trips are amazing experiences!

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Outdoor Ed Policies

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  • Outdoor Ed Trip Waiver Form

  • Signing up for a Trip

    Forest Ridge Outdoor Ed Trips are open to high school or middle school Forest Ridge students, depending on the trip.  Some trips are open to both. No experience is necessary unless stated otherwise in the trip announcement.
    There is a sign up deadline for each trip. They are posted with the trip announcement. If the trip fills, a waiting list will be created.  Occasionally, if a trip is nt full, a student will be allowed to sign-up after the deadline has passed.  Please email Mrs. Halm if you would like to sign-up after the deadline.
    Each trip has a mandatory pre-trip meeting (date posted with the trip announcement). Pertinent trip details and logistics are discussed at this time. Missing the meeting might end up in forfeiting your space on the trip. Any exceptions need to be pre-arranged with Mrs. Halm. Students can sign up on line via the OE page or through Mrs. Halm. On line you can see a trip list of participants.
  • Payment

    Payment guarantees a student’s spot on the trip. You are able to pay on line, in cash, or with a check made out to Forest Ridge.

    If a student drops out two weeks or closer to the trip she will not receive a refund. Full refunds are granted in the event of a trip cancellation. In these instances payment can be applied towards a future trip if desired. These policies are to prevent the last minute change of plans, which has caused some trips to be cancelled or has been unfair to students who were turned away because the trip was full.
    There is financial assistance available for anyone interested. Please ask Mrs. Halm about it.
  • Safety

    Running trips that are as safe as possible is the highest prioroty of the program.  All participants need to turn in a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. The waiver ensures the trip instructor can give medical consent on the parent/guardians behalf if an emergency situation arises. It also holds students accountable for the FR honor code and says they can be asked to leave the trip (parents come and get them) if necessary.
    Trips have a minimum of two instructors. Instructors will have technical skills and pertinent certifications in the activity area they are leading. For backcountry trips there will be at least one certified Wilderness First Responder (an industry standard level of medical training for back country travel). All instructors are hired through the Outdoor Education Coordinator. This includes background checks, safety trainings and a commitment to the FR goals and criteria.
    Parents will be given safety information which includes emergency phone numbers and our emergency response plan. Forest Ridge ALWAYS has an on-call administrator who can be reached by the instructors in the field. In the event of an emergency the on-call administrator would be in touch with your family.
    Instructors in the field carry cell phones or a Satellite phone depending on the trip location. These are for calling out in an emergency only.
  • Gear

    Students will recieve a packing list for all trips.  It is crucial that students bring everything on those lists!  The Outdoor Education program has a large library of gear that is available for loan.

    Technical gear such as: rock shoes, climbing harnesses, helmets, tents, snowshoes, shovels, stoves, etc., will be provided by the program.
    Personal gear such as: sleeping bags, sleeping pads, clothing, headlamps, water bottles, backpacks, boots, gaiters, trekking poles, etc may be borrowed from the OE program at no cost.
    Students accept a “replace or repair” agreement which is: any damage outside of normal wear and tear will be paid for by the student. This is when a student uses gear inappropriately.
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