Women As Global Leaders

Global Education

Peace & Reconciliation

The Global Education portion of Forest Ridge's Women as Global Leaders Program is committed to building tangible, relevant leadership skills in the young women of Forest Ridge. The experiences offered are designed to offer each young woman multiple opportunities to take risks, to engage with curiosity and to learn from cultures outside of her own.
The Peace and Reconciliation program is a year-long program for academic credit designed to address peace building and teach conflict resolution through cultural immersion, dialogue and personal reflection. Curriculum is based in the fields of diversity awareness, arts and social sciences and religious and geopolitical history.

Resources & Sustainability

Resources and Sustainability is a semester-long course for credit designed to explore the relationship between human beings, animals, and our Earth’s natural resources. What are the Earth’s most precious resources? What are the impacts of utilization? How can we build a sustainable community that promotes the health and wellness of every being? What are the opportunity costs and impacts of exploitation? What are some examples of sustainable living and what can we learn from them?

These are some of the questions raised during the course. Students will learn how to analyze environmental data, report objectively, and listen closely as they build relationships with peers in Arctic Village and experts in the fields of oil drilling and land development in Alaska. The course culminates in an eight-day experience in Alaska.


Global Health is a year-long course for credit designed to examine the health issues which impact the lives of girls and women locally and internationally. Students will learn the journey of a specific health issue by doing field work with a non-profit organization and learning the social and economic factors impacting the health and wellness of a given community.

What is the role of prevention in health care? Whose responsibility is health and wellness? What are the impacts of outbreak? These are some of the questions students will explore during the course as they build relationships  in the non-profit global healthcare sector and participate in a 10-day field experience.
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