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2014 - 2015 Laptop Specs
by msmith
Lenvo Thinkpad Yoga Tablet PC
  • Intel Core i7-4500
  • 8GB Memory
  • 256GB SSHard Drive
  • 12.5 Multitouch Screen
  • 8-Cell Battery
  • Intel 6205 AGN Wireless
  • Webcam
  • Bluetooth
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Software licensed by Forest Ridge including; Windows OS, Office 2013, Adobe Creative Suite, Digital texts and software
Price - $1989

To ORDER the laptop, navigate to the Laptop and Accessories section (right of this column) then select the appropriate Out of Box Experience (OOBE) session.

Order Laptop Supplies from the Help Desk; Fast Service
Laptop Supplies - Sold at FR Help Desk
Cash or Check only/No Credit Cards
Make checks to: Forest Ridge School  
Prices include tax and shipping charges         
Help Desk Price
Stylus pen
AC Adapter – Helix
AC Adapter – x201, x220, x230
USB 32 GB external drive
SD card 16 GB
Accupoint red mouse
Tether for stylus
Battery – x220, x230
Battery – x201
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Tech Resources
TPI Laptop care video
  TPI - Lenovo laptop maintenance video

Type to Learn software
  Typing tutorial software.

Net Nanny network monitoring/filtering software
  Third party software solution for home network monitoring and filtering
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Q. How do I clear my "Browser" or "Internet Cache"?

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Click on "Tools" in the upper right corner
3) Click on "Internet Options"
4) Select the "Advanced" Tab on the upper right
5) Click the "Reset..." button toward the lower right part of the window
6) Put a checkmark in the "Delete Personal Settings" box.
7) Click "Reset" on the bottom right of that window.

You may need to reset your home page and reenter passwords that were "remembered" for you.

Q. How do I access email from the Internet or someone else's computer?

Go to www.forestridge.org and click on “Quicklinks” and go to “Email”


Log in:

User name: jdoe (you do not need to enter frs\)

Password: your password

Q. How do I access Outlook email from home?

Open Outlook on your laptop.  It should prompt you for a user name and password.  You will type in your Windows user name and password which is the same one you use to log onto your laptop.  Make sure to enter “frs\” before your user name



User name: frs\jdoe

Password: your password

Q. How do I install a Forest Ridge Printer?

Click on this link:
\\frs-print (this link will only work here on campus) 

Then double click on the printer you want to load and install the driver if prompted to do so.

Q. I have a username and temporary password. How do I change the password to something I can remember?

1. After logging in, click on “Student and Parent PCR Educator” link.

2. Click on “User Profile” Click on “Change Login Information”.

3. Enter the old password.

4. Create a new password and confirm.

5. Click “Change Password”.

The new password should be effective immediately.



Q. I do not know my Portal Username or Password. How do I retrieve it?
A. On the main website  (www.forestridge.org) click on the "Login Here" link next to the Twitter and Facebook icons. You will be taken to FR Today Portal page. From here find the link in the upper right corner "Parents, Students Teachers: Click here to retrieve your password" Click on this link.  In the new window on the lower half of the screen there will be a place to enter your Username OR Email address. The password and username will be sent to that address. The email address must be already on file and associated with your names in the Forest Ridge database.  If Parent 1 or 2 email field is blank in the database, the program will not be able to email the password to that individual.

If at least one parent or guardian can login, the missing email addresses can be centered by clicking on "Parent and Student PCR Educator" (after loggin in), then selecting "Household" and entering the addresses for the appropriate individual (Parent1 or Parent2). In the database, by default the Parent1 is associated with Fathers and Parent2 is associated with Mothers as applicable. The updated data will be reviewed by Admissions for consistency before being authorized for use or publication.

Is the Forest Ridge specified laptop optional?
A. The Forest Ridge technology support staff (Matrix) of two full-time employees supports more than 450 users (with the majority age range between 12 and 18) and must operate as a streamlined, small-business model. The laptops used by Forest Ridge are carefully selected to be seamless tools for enhancing student learning. Forest Ridge purchases several extra laptops (identical to the student laptop) per year for use in the loaner pool. This can often allow students with serious laptop repairs to minimize any down time which could result in falling behind in class. The selected models are licensed for software provided by Forest Ridge and allow for streamlined support for students and faculty.

Q. After the payment for the laptop is made, what happens next?
A. An appointment needs to be made with the Educational Technology Director for the Out-Of-Box session.

For students new to Forest Ridge, one parent or guardian must accompany the student for parent specific information.

For returning Forest Ridge students, only the student must attend to configure the laptop. 
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OneNote Case Study
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Published: 7/22/2010
Digital Tools for the Digital Generation
Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart was one of the first schools in the United States to participate in the "Anytime, Anywhere Learning" program through a partnership with Microsoft and Toshiba. Implementation of these learning tools provides students and faculty with instant and continuous access to previously unimaginable resources to enrich learning, deepen problem-solving skills and connect users with the larger global community.
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