Community Ministry

In a fast-paced world, we value the impact of taking time to pause, pray and connect as a faith community.

Forest Ridge Community Ministry supports both our Catholic identity and guiding principles as a Sacred Heart school to promote an active and personal faith in God.

The role of liturgy and prayer

Rooted in our Catholic faith, all-school liturgical celebrations and prayer services are held throughout the year. Students of all faith traditions are invited to be active participants in planning and leading these services.



Retreats are some of the most joyous and memorable experiences at Forest Ridge. Each year, every grade level has time to step away and connect as a community. Through retreats, our students explore their place in our world as they reflect on their connections between themselves, others and God.

Middle School Retreats

Retreats in the 5th through 8th grades are often half or full-day experiences that focus on our Sacred Heart heritage and identity as a Catholic School. The retreat program is designed to be age-appropriate and to coordinate with the developmental work happening in the Advisory Program.

Upper School Retreats

My KAIROS junior class retreat gave me the opportunity to be introspective for the extended period of a few days and, as a result, I’ve become more aware of my personal strengths as well as challenges and experienced firsthand the love and support that surrounds me.11th grade student