Advisory Program

girls in class

The Forest Ridge Advisory Program centers around building a support network for students as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. Using a strength-based approach grounded in positive psychology, advisors provide individualized coaching and support as girls grow in their self-advocacy skills.


What is an advisor?

Advisors are mentors, coaches and sounding boards. They are a point of connection for each of their advisees, and her parents, to provide more in-depth support on specific topics as needed. Advisors help girls build a solid center of gravity and learn that strong girls:

  • Ask for help
  • Own their “own engagement”: their energy, intentions and actions
  • Build a strength-based approach to solving problems
  • Strengthen their “integrity muscle”
  • Build strategies to manage responsibilities and activities
  • Develop healthy relationship skills, including setting boundaries and working through conflict

The Advisory Program is a rich practice field for learning to navigate everyday life—both the ups and the downs.