Middle School Advisory

The middle school Advisory Program supports the school community in living out the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria.

Advisory meets twice a week to provide an opportunity for community connection through grade level activities and Sacred Heart traditions.  Advisory is also a place to learn life skills like time management, goal setting and prioritizing.

Through a variety of activities, grade-level teams of adults empower students to create solutions to problems, to develop responsibility for their learning, to communicate openly, to serve others and to better understand what it means to be part of a Sacred Heart community through open discussion of our school values and goals. Advisory also provides students the opportunity to learn to work and play together, to talk and listen together and to learn to be self-directed. Advisory is one of many ways that the faculty at Forest Ridge come to know the unique and special gifts each child contributes to the class and school environment.

Middle School Advisory Program skill-building includes:

Adolescent Development

How your brain works and changes; decision-making

Communication Skills

Listening; having hard conversations; advocating for self
Collaboration Working on a team; autonomy within a group; building consensus; developing effective group strategies
Digital Citizenship Healthy habits around technology use; internet safety; role of social media; real vs. virtual friendships
Growth Mindset

Defining growth-mindset; embracing challenge; knowing personal strengths and stretches; developing new strategies

Managing and Understanding Emotions Dealing with stress; understanding the language of emotions; situational anxiety; self-calming techniques
Personal Health and Well-Being Care and feeding of the human body: sleep, nutrition, body image, managing time and energy
Personal Leadership Using feedback as information; goal-setting; personal advocacy; managing time; regrouping after setbacks; recognizing personal strengths; positive self-talk; engagement
Reflection Skills Assessing personal growth; naming what is and isn’t working
Relationship Skills Healthy friendships; setting boundaries; diffusing drama; branching out; gracefully moving on; conflict resolution
Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria Community building; Sacred Heart traditions; grade-level service projects; Ravens spirit events