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Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab invites students to create and innovate with a suite of powerful digital tools. Designed to serve as a “digital maker space,” the Digital Media Lab offers access to computers, cameras, and sound equipment that support film and audio production, digital art, animation, and VR/AR development.

The flexible space allows students to collaborate and create in a space free from the constraints of a traditional classroom. While the Digital Media Lab can be a great asset for school-assigned projects, we also encourage students to use this space to pursue their passions through projects they develop on their own.

The Shop

Robotics, electronics, stop motion animators, laser engravers, sewing machines, and 3D printers are just some of the cool tools students use to imagine and create in our campus’s Fabrication and Innovation Shop. Known fondly as The Shop, this girl-centered maker-space provides each girl access to the tools, technology, support, and community necessary for her to bring her inventive ideas to life. Through hands-on classes like 5th Grade Creativity Lab and 6th Grade Spatial Thinking, and electives like Maker Lab and Computer Programming, our students learn to think like innovators - to troubleshoot problems, adapt to limitations, and think flexibly.

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