The Residential Life Experience

Our boutique residential life program supports students’ well-being and academic success. Across the Forest Ridge campus, our students build strong bonds and lasting connections.

She learns responsibility and independence

Forest Ridge students learn to tackle challenges and embrace the skills needed to prepare for adult independence. The school curriculum and Residential Life weekly workshops are based on the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria which fosters an atmosphere of personal responsibility, respect, teamwork and community. Workshops focus on timely topics such as establishing roommate agreements, travel safety tips, utilizing assertive communication and setting personal goals.

She has amazing adventures

Seattle is one of the most diverse and unique cities in the world, set amidst the beauty of Washington State. Our students not only experience class trips with all Forest Ridge students but also enjoy weekend trips with the Residential Life program. Weekends are filled with trips to museums, Seattle attractions, beaches, hiking trails, cooking classes, shopping and lots of teenage fun.

She gains confidence and values her personal wellness

Personal wellness is an essential skill at the core of a Forest Ridge education. It is the foundation for learning and growth. We invite and challenge students to engage in activities which promote confidence and health. There are many supervised opportunities for students to enjoy physical activity including team sports, weekend hiking, sightseeing or travel. In addition, Residential Life students practice weekly mindful relaxation time as a community to re-center the mind and body.

She is ready

Participating in the Forest Ridge community as a dormitory student prepares girls to become women with the skills to navigate college and beyond. International students enter college with a strong understanding of the English language and Western culture. As a Sacred Heart School, we graduate women who are compassionate leaders and ready to share their gifts in service to our global community.