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Overview of Mission Programming Goals

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  • Increase communication skills in the Residential Life program

    Forest Ridge students come from all over the world and are here to build their skills in a community that makes relationships a central part of that growth. Speaking English in common spaces helps international students build relationships across communities at Forest Ridge but also expands personal skills to prepare for an academic career.
  • Increase engagement in new and challenging activities to promote personal growth and wellness

    We invite and challenge students to engage in activities which promote confidence and team-building. In addition, we schedule mindful relaxation time on a weekly basis - as a community - to re-center the mind and body. Students also engage in physical education games which provide exercise and movement.
  • Increase life skills that enhance independence and character building

    Forest Ridge students learn to tackle challenges but also embrace the skills it will take to lead an independent life. The girls learn skills, often by participating in workshops, that enhance personal responsibility and interpersonal skills. The school curriculum and residential life weekly workshops are based on the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria which help foster an atmosphere of action, respect, teamwork and interdependence.

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