Summer at Forest Ridge

Leadership Workshop

Grades: 10 - 12

Dates: August 1- August 2, 2022

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Price: $500

Do you want to develop your confidence and courage as you prepare to take on leadership roles? Do you want improve your understanding of your strengths and how to leverage them? And do you want learn how to present yourself powerfully and confidently? Then sign-up for this highly interactive and engaging two-day workshop for young women, which will provide you with the tools necessary for building confidence, leadership capability and skills to navigate any situation with grace and courage!

During the workshop you will define leadership and learn ways to access your leadership capabilities; develop “followership” skills and become a strong team player; explore who you are and how others see you; visualize your successful future; learn the push/pull styles of influence; learn how to ask for what you need and how to say no; and learn to engage in courageous conversations with family, friends, and teachers/coaches, and peers. This workshop is designed to fulfill the Leadership requirement for any of the three Endorsement Pathways. 

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Instructor: Ms. Beroz Ferrell

Ms. Ferrell  is a trusted organizational consultant and leadership coach and with more than 25 years of experience in psychology, human resource management and leadership development. She has worked with national and multi-national companies across seven countries and on three continents. She has taught graduate and undergraduate business management classes at Seattle University, USA and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology and a post-master’s certificate in Social Administration. She is a nationally certified counselor, certified coach, conflict mediator and a results-based facilitator, with fluency in several languages.

Greener Futures Workshop

Grades: 9-12

Dates: July 18-19, 2022

Price: $500

Greener Futures is a two-day workshop open to all upcoming high school students.  As a group, we will define climate change and discuss its effects on the nutritional quality of food. We will identify those at highest risk for climate-related nutrition inequality and survey traditional ecological knowledge (permaculture techniques). We will discuss the cultural histories of certain plants as food and medicine, and try our hand at some common, inert, herbal preparations (including making an herbal salve, our own tea blend, and our own glycerin-based tincture). We will plan for a greener future by studying Activist Scholars who protect their communities and our environment. Students who join this workshop can expect hands on activities, individual and group reflections and creative work, video interviews with Activist Scholars, and a premier that includes additional activities and resources. The material for our workshop is largely sourced from "Native Roots: Greener Futures, Walking the Kalhaculture Way", designed by Dr. Rudolph Ryser and Dr. Leslie Korn for the Center for World Indigenous Studies and the Center for Traditional Medicine. This workshop is designed to fulfill the cultural competency requirement for the STEM endorsement pathway. 

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Instructor: Laura Chasteen, MSN, Front of House and Nutrition Education, Forest Ridge

Laura is a Nutritionist who works in the kitchen, garden, and classroom and empowers students to make informed food choices that serve lifelong health.  Laura encourages Eating Competence through objective, evidence-based nutrition education and by fostering a love of growing, cooking, and eating good food.