The FRidge

The FRidge is a popular gathering place to share a meal, laugh and build community.

Nourishing Minds

The FRidge serves quality foods that are locally sourced by environmentally-sustainable suppliers and prepared on-site. Here, Forest Ridge students learn about the importance of a lifestyle based on eating unprocessed, fresh, whole foods from a variety of sources. Our kitchen is a classroom where students can learn about the culinary arts and take part in growing many of the foods we serve including:

  • Apiary (honey bee program)
  • Berry and vegetable gardens
  • Seed bank

Nourishing Sustainability

Forest Ridge harvests our own honey on-site and two organic gardens produce berries and a variety of vegetables. Our breads and pastries are baked fresh in our kitchen and we do not use any artificial colors, trans-fats, MSG or sulfites. We do not use peanuts and substitute with other tree nuts. The FRidge also offers delicious gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Meet Our Student Helpers

This year we have over 13 students volunteering in the FRidge kitchens. Not only do they help prepare the food that we serve to our entire community, they also learn valuable cooking and life skills. 

Carly, 8th

Katelyn, 9th

Sonia, 7th

Kaia, 12th

Trisha, 9th

Anjalika, 5th

Sydney, 7th

Belinda, 9th

Elle, 7th

Quinn, 5th

Alyssa, 7th

Caroline, 9th