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Our students get hungry, and when they do, they want Rainbow Cake or Caesar Salad Pitas or Boca Burgers. These delicious items and much more await at the FRidge, which is what we call our fantastic Food Service department.

The FRidge is on a mission to nourish our community with more than just lunch, too.

Rather than fostering an obsession over calorie breakdowns or the condemnation of some foods and the promotion of others, the FRidge educates about the importance of balance and variety. By exposing students to the diversity and abundance of nature - and engaging them in planting and harvesting food and understanding our deep dependence on food systems - we hope to inspire commitment to a lifestyle based on the consumption of unprocessed, fresh, whole foods from a variety of sources. We believe this is the most powerful way to maintain a healthy relationship with our food, our bodies and the earth.

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