High School Advisory

High school is a time when young women grapple with the complexity that comes with greater independence. Advisors support our high school students with individualized coaching and academic advisement as girls grow in their self-advocacy skills.

Skill-building includes:

  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Advocating for self and others
  • Self-awareness
  • Problem solving and perspective talking
  • Genuine inclusivity: valuing our own and others’ strengths and contributions
  • Balancing independence and need for support
  • Personal accountability and responsibility
  • Navigating friendships: having autonomy within a group, branching out gracefully, appreciating space and openness to change
  • Goal setting and realistic action plans
  • Role of social media in friendships

Leadership is a practice field, it is not a destination. It happens all along. Girls need to be picking up the little breadcrumbs that evolve into a skillset they can fall back on because they have practiced it enough. Confidence comes from doing something, not thinking about it.Betsy briardy, director of the center for girls